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-Professional Cases- ACR offers professional and customized services based on the needs of each customers. We make available Nanuk case a wide range of professional packages, providing solutions to the transport of sensitive equipments and often high cost-

We supply watertight cases in plastic or aluminum, with cubed or custom foam, which provide a protection system tested and certified, such Nanuk Cases and resistent aluminum Tuareg.

Our experience over 12 years working in the field of professional packaging support us.

- Watertight Cases - ACR offers the innovative Nanuk watertight cases, made of polypropylene, Canadian manufacturing and resistant to shocks, falls and corrosion. In addition you can also choose Peli watertight cases and if you prefer aluminun, our Tuareg series, sealed and with a wide range of sizes to choose from, itīs your choise.

- Cases for photography - We have a wide variety of models of cases for photographic equipment, suitable for professional or amateur. On our website you can find cases for TV and video equipment and cameras boxes. We manufacture custom foam and any type of containers.

- Plasticase Cases - In ACR, we are specialists to give packaging and shipping solutions for any type of technical equipment, providing cases, industrial boxes and professional cases and packaging in materials like plastic, fiber and aluminum.  Our Plasticase Cases are the most economic solutions for transport small equipments. These cases include internal cubed foam, adaptable to your items. Plasticases cases made in Canada.

- Plasticase cases:  Applications - In ACR gives solutions in wide range of utilities, with multiple fields of applications, so we have cases for arms, for photography, for electronic equipment, for military uses, for video and TV cameras...

-Plasticase cases for use in photography

-Plasticcase cases for transport.

-Plasticase & Nanuk case for military uses

-Plasticase cases with cubbed foam

-Plastic cases Plasticase

-Plasticase cases for communications equipments

-Plasticase cases for movil phones and iPad.

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